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About Us

We are NordExpert – the company which provides package to make certification for Customs Union.
LLC “NordExpert” was set up in 2009 as an expert organization by a group of specialists in the field of industrial safety to carry out a new vision of the working process, to make it easier, quicker and, as a result, cheaper for the customers.

From the beginning, our specialization was carrying out expert examination of equipment for gas, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, oil-refining and other industries in order to obtain Rostechnadzor Permission for use as well as a GOST R certificate of conformity. Our staff is qualified in above mentioned fields. All experts are accredited by Rostechnadzor for expert activities and also for checking strength calculations of the equipment, working under pressure. All employers are engineers, can communicate English.

From March of 2012 we have opened an NDE laboratory, which carries out nondestructive examination of welding, metal structure and can also perform visual and measuring inspection of vessels.
After Technical Regulations of Customs Union came into force, one of the most important of our areas of activity became the consulting for the companies about Russian and Customs Union technical rules and regulations.

We make consultations about what documents are required to supply and turn into operation the equipment in Russian Federation and the territory of Customs Union and help to make certification procedures.
In September 2014 we have opened our own certification test laboratory NordLab, which is licensed for the following Technical Regulations of the Customs Union: CU TR 032/2013 On safety of equipment working under pressure; CU TR 010/2011 On safety of machinery and equipment; CU TR 016/2011 On safety of devices operating on the gaseous fuel.

The certification tests for CU TR 004/2011 On safety of low voltage equipment and CU TR 020/2011 Hardware electromagnetic capability are made in cooperation with side accredited test laboratories.
Furthermore, we execute all kind of work that can be required by Russian and also Customs Union rules and regulations, such as technical passports making, strength calculations, safety approvals, etc.