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Project technical supervision

Project technical supervision (project management support) is required to ensure the successful certification (delivery and commissioning) on the territory of Eurasian Economic Union.

This service is strongly recommended for the projects, which include shipment of big amount of items.

Main project management support steps are:

  • Analysis of the technological schemes and lists of equipment.
  • Establishing of obligatory requirements to the volume of permission and operational documentation for the purchased equipment (CU TR certificates/ declarations, operational manuals, safety cases, passports, nameplates, etc.).
  • Participation in making of request for permission and operational documentation together with the Customer at stage of the equipment pre-purchase from sub suppliers.
  • Preliminary analysis of sub suppliers list for the presence of valid and correct CU TR certificates/declarations.
  • Support of the Customer during communication with sub suppliers for obtaining of permission and operational documentation by means of e-mail, phone, personal meeting (if required).
  • Checking of received permission and operational documentation.
  • Representation of interests of the Customer in part of permission and operational documentation at technical department of the Final User.

The result of Project technical supervision is the fulfillment of obligatory requirements of Customs Union Technical Regulations, as well as specific industrial safety requirements of Member States of EAEU, if the Customer follows the recommendation given by NordExpert.