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Equipment category calculator according to CU TR 032/2013

How to use «Equipment Category Calculator»:
Step 1. Define equipment type
VESSEL – the hermetically sealed container (permanently installed or mobile) designed to conduct chemical, thermal and other processes, as well as for storage and transport of gaseous, liquid and other substances;
BOILER – a device designed for water heating or generating steam at a pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure and used outside of this device;
PIPELINE – a set of parts and assembly units of pipes with elements, which are their components (tees, cones, L-bones, valves), which are designed for transportation of medium from the source to the consumers.
Step 2. Define working mediums group
GROUP 1 includes working mediums consisted from flammable, oxidizable, combustible, explosive, toxic and high-toxic gasses, liquids and vapors in the single-phase state and also their mixtures;
GROUP 2 includes all other working mediums, which do not refer to group 1.
Step 3. Indicate volume (capacity) or nominal size (DN)
VOLUME/CAPACITY (for vessels and boilers) – the volume of the internal cavity of the equipment, determined according to nominal sizes from the drawings
NOMINAL DIAMETER, NOMINAL INSIDE DIAMETER (for pipelines and valves) – a numerical designation of size equal to the rounded value of the inner diameter, which is indicated for all components of the equipment except components indicated by the outer diameter or the size of the thread.
Step 4. Indicate maximum allowable pressure
MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE PRESSURE – maximum pressure, on which the equipment optimized, calculated by manufacturer.

1. Category of equipment with different cavities is the highest category, defined for each cavity separately.
2. The group of media mixture is determined by the most hazardous media.
3. Valves made for the specific equipment may be classified as the same category as the equipment, which they are made for.
4. Safety devices refer to the 4th category. Exception: safety devices made for the specific equipment may be classified as the same category as the equipment which it is made for.
5. This calculator is for information only. If you have any doubts, kindly contact us.
6. Attention! According to Appendix 1 of CU TR 032/2013 category of the equipment intended for use with working temperature higher than transition temperature of creep is increased by one (except the 4th category). Transition temperature of creep is:
400°C – for carbon and low alloyed silicon-manganese steels;
450°C – for low alloyed chrome-molybdenum and chrome-molybdenum- vanadium steels;
525°C – for alloyed high-chromium steels of martensitic class and austenitic steels;
575°C – for alloys on iron-nickel base and nickel base.